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ODWM Adds Jackson Hole Location

by Feb 2, 2019

“As Fiduciaries, we take our job and our client’s wealth seriously. We are steadfastly committed to putting our client’s interests first. Our mission is to help our client establish then achieve their investment goals and objectives while providing them with exceptional service. We believe that managing risk is more important than managing returns. We also believe that the true value of a portfolio manager is revealed during difficult market conditions, not bull markets.”
                                                                                                              – Stephen O’Donnell Sr., President
                                                                                                                O’Donnell Wealth Management

O’Donnell Wealth Management delivers only the highest standard of care to their clients. As independent registered investment advisors, they are held by law to the highest standard of responsibility to their clients and therefore, must always act in their best interests. This encourages a unique level of personalized service not always found in typical investor-advisor relationships. Each and every investment decision or recommendation is thoroughly analyzed to ensure that it is solely in the best interest of each individual client. Stephen P. O’Donnell Sr. President of O’Donnell Wealth Management has two decades of experience in portfolio management, having worked for some of the largest firms on Wall Street.

O’Donnell Wealth Management is a full-service discretionary investment management firm. Discretionary investment management is a form of investment management in which buy and sell decisions are made by a portfolio manager for the client’s account. Discretionary investment management is offered by financial advisors who have extensive experience in the investment industry. Each portfolio at O’Donnell Wealth Management is custom-built and managed to the specifications, goals, and objectives desired by each individual client. All buy and sell side investment decisions are made personally by, or approved by, O’Donnell Wealth Management President Stephen P. O’Donnell Sr.

Unlike other Financial Advisors, O’Donnell Wealth Management does not hire outside money managers, thereby adding another layer of client fees. O’Donnell Wealth Management IS the money manager and offers the highest level of service to their clients.

As an Independent Financial Advisor, O’Donnell Wealth Management conducts its own research free from bias and conflicts of interest.

O’Donnell Wealth Management is not tied to any particular family of funds or investment products. They have the freedom to choose from a wide range of investment options to always do what’s best for each client.

That said, all of O’Donnell Wealth Management’s client assets are held by an Independent Custodian, Not the Investment Firm. This provides a system of checks and balances to help safeguard client assets.
At O’Donnell Wealth Management, there are no commissions or transaction fees. There is one, and only one, simple and transparent fee structure that aligns the interests of the client with that of the financial advisor. Their philosophy is, when their clients do better, they do better.

There are also no holding periods, surrender charges, or hidden fees. O’Donnell Wealth Management builds portfolios with individual stocks, individual bonds, exchange-traded funds, and institutional share class mutual funds that are free from holding periods, surrender penalties, sales charges, or loads.

O’Donnell Wealth Management is a go-anywhere, at any time, money manager. This means that they focus on opportunities. It’s that simple. They will buy small, mid and large cap. They will buy growth and value. They will buy non-correlated and hedging assets. O’Donnell Wealth Management will invest in both domestic and international markets. They will hold and raise cash at times. This unrestricted approach gives them the ability to seize an opportunity when it arises, and best serve their clients.

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