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O’Donnell Wealth Management offers full service, discretionary investment management, and financial advisory services from its office in beautiful downtown Cody, Wyoming.

Not only do we build and manage investment portfolios, we also provide financial planning, retirement planning, and estate planning services.

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Investment Roadmaps

Our disciplined approach begins with a discovery process, wherein we compile data to create a comprehensive financial profile that includes all aspects of your financial life. 

We spread investments across a wide variety of industries. We prepare for turbulent economic times by owning securities in all different asset classes. We are not tied to a style box.

We construct portfolios that seek capital appreciation while at the same time, minimize downside risk. We then communicate with you to ensure the strategy continues to make sense. 

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 Professional investment portfolio management

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“We believe that managing risk is more important than chasing returns. We believe the true value of a portfolio manager is revealed during difficult market conditions, not during bull markets.”

— Stephen P. O’Donnell, Sr.
President & CEO
Chief Investment Officer



What We Can Do For You

O’Donnell Wealth Management is a full-service discretionary investment management firm. Discretionary investment management is a form of investment management in which buy and sell decisions are made by a portfolio manager for the client’s account. The term “discretionary” refers to the fact that investment decisions are made at the portfolio manager’s discretion in support of the client’s financial objectives.


We believe investors should have the opportunity to communicate directly with their portfolio manager.


The leverage of two decades of experience as a portfolio manager for some of the largest firms on Wall Street is working for you.


We always act in your best interest. Independent registered investment advisors are held to the highest standard of responsibility to their clients.

Unrestricted approach

Our independence allows us to focus on and seize opportunities that best serve your financial goals.

Service above and beyond

The O’Donnell Advantage

O’Donnell Wealth Management strives to deliver the highest standard of care to our clients. We take our job and your wealth seriously. This fosters a comprehensive level of personalized service not always found in typical investor-advisor relationships. Every investment decision or recommendation is thoroughly analyzed to ensure that it is solely in the best interest of each individual client.

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