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Investment Philosophy

01. Fiduciary Duty

Our investment philosophy is rooted in our fiduciary duty, and is based on the paramount principle of always acting in our clients’ best interest. We believe that capital preservation is more important than chasing exorbitant returns. We believe in setting reasonable expectations and then delivering on those expectations. Beyond preservation of capital, our goal is to produce attractive, risk adjusted returns.


02. Asset Management Approach

We believe a hands-on, tactical asset management approach is the best method for preserving capital, reducing volatility, and building wealth, particularly during challenging economic times. We have a value driven philosophy. We look to buy businesses at a discount to their fair market value. We favor companies that pay dividends and have a history of raising dividends. We look for experienced management teams.


03. Communication

We believe investors should have the opportunity to communicate directly with their portfolio manager(s). By keeping portfolio construction and ongoing management in-house, our clients have the opportunity to communicate directly with us, their portfolio manager(s). Our independence and in-house operation allow us to completely avoid incentives from issuers of investments to recommend their products or investments. We work for our clients and only our clients.

04. Fees

We believe in keeping fees reasonable for our clients. Therefore, we don’t charge extra fees for estate planning, financial planning or retirement planning services or advice. Nor do we charge transaction fees or commissions. We offer one, all-inclusive, tiered relationship fee that is reduced as our client’s assets grow and surpass designated thresholds.


05. In-House

Additionally, we do not farm out portfolio management to outside, or third-party managers, thereby eliminating an extra layer of fees for our clients. Nor do we use third party model portfolios. We do our own research, choose our own investments and manage all of our client’s portfolios from our Cody, Wyoming office. We take great satisfaction in the fact that we are not just Financial Advisors, we are actually the Portfolio Managers.


06. Resource Hub

Finally, we endeavor to be a key resource for our clients in financial matters, assisting them by interacting with their other advisors such as attorneys, accountants, and bankers.

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Our Investment Strategy

01. Foundation

Our Investment Strategy rests upon the foundation that is our investment philosophy. We believe deeply in those principles and ethics and they are behind every investment decision we make. Our niche is growth and income style investing at the moderate and moderate to conservative risk levels. Consequently, our client’s objectives and suitability parameters are within that realm.


02. Balance

Our strategy is to produce attractive returns, while at the same time preserving capital and reducing volatility. We maintain a unique universe of between 80 and 100 publicly traded securities that we follow at any given time. Our client’s portfolios are comprised of anywhere between 25 to 40 of those securities. At present, we offer prospective clients two investment options; Our standard Growth and Income portfolio, and our Conservative Growth and Income portfolio.


03. Risk Management

Our risk management methods include; selling into strength, buying on weakness, raising cash at times, and employing diversification among market sectors and asset classes. We use block trading technology, which leverages our time to better serve our clients, and offers the availability of better execution pricing for our clients. It also allows us the opportunity to get hundreds of clients into, or out of, an investment simultaneously in just a matter of a couple of minutes.

04. Growth

Using fundamental and technical analysis, we build portfolios of equity ownership primarily in large capitalization U.S. and foreign companies. We scan the market for out-of-favor businesses and or sectors that appear poised for an upswing. We favor dividends and dividend growth, but we also occasionally buy growth momentum names that pay no dividends.


05. Opporunities

We look for businesses that are in a good competitive position, have good growth prospects and experienced management teams. We also look for opportunities in businesses with disruptive technologies and competitive dominance that offer attractive risk-reward scenarios. We also favor companies that are likely to be acquired or taken over at a significant premium.


06. Trust

We are discretionary portfolio managers. Rather than calling clients with each individual trade or change of investments, we spend our time managing portfolios and finding the best investments for our clients. We spend our time conducting research and managing portfolios, not selling products.
We do not invest our client’s assets in any illiquid assets, non-publicly traded assets, so called alternative investments, assets considered high risk or speculative, assets with penalties or holding periods, or private securities.

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