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Our Approach

01. The Discovery Process

Our disciplined approach begins with a discovery process, wherein we compile data to create a comprehensive financial profile that includes all aspects of your financial life.


02. Strategy Development

We then develop an investment strategy based on your specific needs, goals and objectives. We spread investments across a wide variety of industries. We prepare for turbulent economic times by owning securities in many different asset classes. We are not tied to a specific style box.

03. Implementation

We construct portfolios that seek capital appreciation, while at the same time, minimize downside risk. We then continue to communicate with you to ensure the strategy continues to make sense, even if the goals change.

Building Your Portfolio

We will buy small-, mid- and large-capitalization companies. We will buy growth and value. We buy both equities and fixed income. We will invest in both domestic and international markets. We will hold and raise cash at times. We look for businesses that are in a good competitive position, have good growth prospects and experienced management teams.


We employ a unique investment style. We scan the market for out-of-favor businesses and sectors that appear poised for an upswing. We like dividends and dividend growth, but we also occasionally buy growth momentum names that pay no dividends. We look for businesses with disruptive technologies and competitive dominance that offer attractive risk-reward scenarios. And finally, we also favor companies that are likely to be acquired or taken over at a significant premium.

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The Advantages of Independence


We are not tied to any particular family of funds or investment products, which allows us to make the most of opportunities as they arise.


We always act in your best interest. Independent registered investment advisors are held to the highest standard of responsibility to their clients.

Direct Communication

By keeping portfolio construction and ongoing management in-house, you have the opportunity to communicate directly with your portfolio manager.

Independent Research

Our in-house research means we avoid incentives from issuers of investments to recommend their products or investments. We work for you.

Local Asset Management

We provide the highest level of service by not farming out your assets to third party money managers, thereby not incurring additional costs.

Simple Fee Structure

We use a simple, transparent, and competitive fee structure that’s free of commissions, transaction fees, holding periods, or any hidden fees.

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