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Maximus “Max” O’Donnell

Chief of Security

Maximus O’Donnell (“Max”) joined O’Donnell Wealth Management™ in March 2021 after successfully completing a demanding interview process and extensive training program.

Max serves as the tip of the spear of our security program. He is a proud and confident pure bred German Shepherd. Max completed his undergraduate degree at Hillside K9 Academy, northern Arizona’s premiere dog training school under the tutelage of professional master dog trainer, Shawn Tucker. Max completed his masters degree under the supervision of ODWM President & CEO, Steve Sr.

Max greets all staff, guests and clients at the door and conducts a detailed olfactory screen of all persons entering ODWM’s headquarters office in Cody, Wyoming.

Max’s outside interests include spending time with his family on the ranch and engaging in such activities as water sports, playing catch and retrieve with his favorite ball and chewing bones. He also enjoys road trips in the pickup where he keenly studies various species of wildlife and livestock.

Max, ready for anything.

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