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Stephen P. O’Donnell, Jr.

Chief Compliance Officer
Financial Advisor

Steve Jr. is excited to resume a career in the finance industry. He has been serving others; first as a former Marine, then an Infantry Soldier, and a Police Officer, since he graduated high school.

After enlisting in the Marine Corps in 2005, Steve Jr. went on active duty in 2006. He served in Iraq with HML/A-167 in 2008 and abroad throughout the Mediterranean & middle east regions with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit in 2009. He left active duty as a Corporal in 2010 with an honorable discharge at the end of his term to attend college.

Steve Jr. studied and passed the examinations for entry into the finance industry as an Investment Advisor Representative while he was engaged in full time collegiate studies. During this time, he transitioned to the famed “Fighting 69th” Infantry Regiment of the Army National Guard in 2010. These studies were abruptly halted by service in Afghanistan in 2012 to advise & assist the now defunct Afghan National Police. Upon his return, Steve Jr. was hired by the City of Port Jervis Police Department.

Desiring a change of scenery, Steve Jr. decided to relocate to Cody, Wyoming in late 2016. He was hired as a lateral Police Officer shortly thereafter by the City of Cody Police Department. He continued to serve with the Army National Guard, spending several months on intermittent active duty periods to backfill for other Soldiers who deployed in 2018-2019. He was recruited by the Town of Jackson Police Department in late 2019, then promoted to Patrol Corporal in 2021, before requesting reassignment to a part-time status at the end of 2022. He left the Army National Guard in 2021 as a Staff Sergeant with over 15 years of honorable service.

Steve Jr. officially joined O’Donnell Wealth Management™ at the beginning of 2023. Aside from his duties as a Financial Advisor, he also acts as the firm’s Director of Research.​ In his spare time, Steve Jr. enjoys honing his marksmanship & armorer skills with firearms, bushcraft, camping, hiking & rucking outdoors, reading, and tinkering with amateur (“ham”) radio. He always seeks opportunities to learn new skills and believes an idle mind is a shameful waste of potential.

Steve Jr. and the family.

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