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Stephen P. O’Donnell, Sr.

President & CEO
Chief Investment Officer

Steve feels truly honored to serve as a fiduciary to O’Donnell Wealth Management’s™​ many clients throughout the country. He finds great personal and professional satisfaction in helping others make impactful changes in their lives and create better financial futures for themselves and their families.

Steve has a very different background than the typical finance industry executive. He is not a member of the Harvard or Wharton good ole boys club. Rather, he hails from a lower middle-class background and a broken home. Born in New York in the mid-1960s, Steve was faced with a number of life challenges as a child and young man. The circumstances of his youth molded him into a maverick of sorts. He developed a very independent, self-determined nature. He preferred individual challenges to team sports, gravitating toward activities like martial arts, rock climbing, weight lifting and running. At the age of 17 he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. Later in life, this independent spirit would develop into an intense entrepreneurial drive, that would one day give rise to the founding of O’Donnell Wealth Management.

Nearly a quarter century ago, Steve walked away from a successful and promising career in Wyoming Law Enforcement and moved to New York to pursue a career in investment management. He began his career at Merrill Lynch. He was quickly recognized as a top performer, not only within Merrill Lynch, but also by competing firms throughout the Hudson Valley of New York. After spending a year at Merrill, he was recruited by Smith Barney as a Second-Vice President and Financial Advisor. It was during his time at Smith Barney that he developed a deep interest in portfolio management. Smith Barney certified him to manage discretionary investment portfolios for private clients and non-profit institutions.

After spending seven years at Smith Barney, Steve’s talents were recognized by yet another competing firm. He was recruited by Morgan Stanley in 2007 as a Vice President and Portfolio Manager. In 2009, Steve started an independent firm called O’Donnell & Associates. After spending 17 years living and working in New York, Steve and his wife, Sue Jean, decided it was time to return to the great state of Wyoming.

In 2015, Steve founded O’Donnell Wealth Management™. During the past eight years the firm has grown to become a stand-alone Registered Investment Advisory firm with clients in 20 states and a full-time staff of 6 people.

Steve has developed a distinctive investment style over the past couple of decades that he continues to refine to this day. He believes that managing risk is more important than chasing exorbitant returns. Placing great emphasis in life on the value of a man’s word, he believes in setting reasonable expectations and then delivering on those expectations. His investment methodology involves a hands-on, tactical asset management approach. His investment style has proved particularly effective during challenging market conditions.

Steve and his wife of 35 years, Sue Jean, have three grown children, all of whom reside and work in Wyoming.

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