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Sue Jean O’Donnell

Managing Partner

Sue Jean was born in New York City. She is not only Steve’s wife of 35 years, but she is also a managing partner of the firm and manages all of the day-to-day administrative operations of the firm. After a career in the health care profession, Sue Jean decided to enter the family business upon the founding of O’Donnell Wealth Management™ in 2015.

Sue Jean is very conscientious and detail-oriented. She attributes this to her time spent in health care, where she was sought after to train others in the proper methods of patient care and documentation. Sue Jean is also a very caring person. She credits her caring nature to her Latino heritage and strong sense of family and community. Sue Jean brings all of these incredible qualities to the table in her service to the clients of O’Donnell Wealth Management.

Outside the office, Sue Jean enjoys practicing the Art of Aikido, in which she holds a fourth-degree black belt. She cherishes the moments when the family is all together, such as the holidays. She also enjoys working on the ranch and spending time in the great outdoors of northwestern Wyoming and southwestern Montana.

Sue Jean with her daughter, Stephanie.

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